Wild rift

Rediscover MMORPG RIFT with Fifteen Days of Premium Play – Experience the Height of its 12 Years of Exploitation!

From the height of his 12 years exploitation and lack of significant updates recently, Rift is now very discreet and clearly struggles to retain his last players.

However, to encourage the curious to (re) discover an MMORPG having a certain charm, Amigo offers 15 days of premium play to all the new return players.
Concretely, any player connecting to the game servers before March 8 will be able to benefit from 15 days of status of boss (the premium mode of rift), granting in particular a boost experience of 40% allowing to progress faster (lotion can
be deactivated to enjoy the leveling more quietly), a bonus of +10% mount of mount and-5% risk of being directed, but also a wonderful chance increasing the chances of loot in the supply boxes or
Possibility to teleport to the game of play without having to use the Portugal of the game universe (once every 30 minutes).
To make a good measure, players will also benefit from a bonus of +50% of dungeons from February 24 to 27 and a bonus of +50% of the plant (a currency of the game allowing to dictate rare objects) from March 3 to 6.
For the record, Amigo recently enjoined Rift players using Steam to access the MMORPG to link their valve platform to a glyph account (the Amigo platform).
Amigo did not specify the reasons for this merger, but it could sex pipe by the desire to boost the number of players’ accounts on glyph.
Premium game offer could have the same motivation.


It remains to be determined what are the Amigo projects concerning Rift-perhaps trying to relaunch Exploitation of the MMORPG or yield it to a third party.