How to Defeat Mega Medicham in the Mega King: Weaknesses, Best Counters & Strategies

Huge Medic ham finally makes his debut in Pokémon Go.
The variation arrived in the game together with the 2023 shades event and can be faced in Mega Races.
See just how tips on exactly how to defeat and also providing huge medic ham, the last evolution of merits.

How to win Huge Medic ham?

Huge Medic ham is a fighter and psychic Pokémon.
This suggests that it is very weak versus fairy, ghost and also flying strikes.
On the other hand, it is resistant to competitor and stone blows.


  • CP CAPTURE: Between 1355 and 1425
  • Advised number of gamers: from 3 to 6 coaches
  • Here are the most effective Pokémon you can utilize to overcome it extra easily:
    Alabama, Lucia, Tompkins, Racial, Hoop, Molts, Honcho, Mew two, Dark and Lunala are other great Pokémon versus Huge Medic ham.

Mega Medic ham is available in illiant?

The glossy version of Meditate as well as Medic ham have been available considering that March 8, 2023. Hence, Mega Medic ham will also have an intense variation in Pokémon GO.
Inspect out the appearance of the animal below.