66,Dofus 2.67: The Pandawa Redesign Continues with Nerves and Up Overhaul

After a little rest during update 2.66, the Panama overhaul continues with a second and possibly final step.

Doffs 2.67 brings some adjustments to the class, rather towards (large) up!

Doffs 2.67: Continuation of the Panama, nerves and up overhaul

For this patch, the teams do not offer a large improvement in the panda.


Following the many nerves of the overhaul, it is time to return a little more slowly to the class.
His gameplay is therefore flooded with better damage.
It does not sanitize new mechanics but to keep what worked while filing it.
If you do not want to read everything, note this summary of changes all the same:
Leta Serenity becomes vertigo and is softer, with an intermediate effect
The spells of throwing on 2 throws per turn against 1 before
Switch spells fly from life in all situations
Stretcher and cascade reversed their effects

Fire lane from Panama on Doffs 2.67