Rumors Arise of Imminent Announcement of Nintendo Switch 2 – Reddit Forums

As already known, many people think that we are shortly after the next nintendo device is released, since clues arise from how it would already be in production and armed with components.


And how could it be otherwise, more rumors have revealed that indicate the imminent announcement of the next house of the company.

A person who worked in the hardware production process has correctly leaked the information of Switch models, as well as the platoon 3 switch OLED, mentions that a more powerful system will arrive.
And while their speculations are heard false there is something that is quite striking.
And it is that in the Reddit forums where the information was distributed they have been intercepted by Nintendo with the request to close this section.
In fact, the company has expressed that it should not be disclosed, otherwise there could be legal records.
Which indicates that these data can be true in some way.
The subject was called Factory Uncle friendly in the circle of leaks, which was obviously involved in one of Nintendo’s production lines.
He leaked previous special consoles editions and talked about a new Switch case with a different hinge and a support mechanism in the recent past.
Via: Reseter
Editor’s note: With this we could understand that Nintendo will finally show the console in the near future, perhaps not during the summer of this year, but they could do it during it’s direct of the month of September or October.