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Where to Find Chainsier in Sons of the Forest – The Long-Awaited Sequel to The Forest

The long-awaited sequel to The Forest was recently launched, and the players are breaking the Map of Sons of the Forest to find their favorite tools or weapons.
There are elements that adapt to the tastes of each person in the game, whether looking for something to use in melee combat or perhaps a weapon that is used better at a distance.
While many of these things are easy to locate around the island of the game, others may be a bit more elusive and make the players scratch their heads.
If you are wondering where to find the chainsaw in Sons of the Forest lea below to get one for you.


Location of the Sans of the Forest chainsaw

The first thing to do before leaving to find the chainsaw in Sons of the Forest is to open its practical GPS map and locate the area shown below.
Keep in mind that to enter the bunker inside the cave that houses the chainsaw, both the guest access card and the maintenance access card must first have obtained.
If you already have them both, begin to go to the marked area.
You should see a green circle on your map in the game at the point that indicates its importance.
Image Source: through Sons of the Forest Wiki
Once inside the cave, enter the bunker and follow the steps below to reach the chainsaw:
Walk through the dark area of the pool and locate a closed door illuminated on the right side of the room
Open the door with your guest access card and between the hall.
Walk straight down the hall passing the bodies and blood to the movie theater.
Once you are in the cinema area, you will notice a body sitting in one of the yellow armchairs as shown in the image below.
Walk to the body since this is where you will find the chainsaw.
Once you have seen the chainsaw there, all you need to do is approach it and press E on its keyboard to have it inside its inventory.
From there you can equip it and use it to cut out trees or kill enemies.
However, it works with batteries, which means that it is expensive to use it frequently in combat.
Instead, use the chainsaw while logging.
Take trees much faster and more efficiently than any ax in the game.
Image source: through end night
Now that you know where to find the chainsaw in Sons of the Forest, you can grab yours and cross mutants from left to right.

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