One Punch Man Chapter 181: The Epic Battle Between Saitama and Tatsumaki Continues with Exciting New Spoilers

The battle between Santana and Satsuma still continues, and most likely it will continue for several more chapters.
Many fans are understandably excited to know how the fight will result.
So, here are the release date and spoilers of Chapter 181 of One Punch Man.

When does Chapter 181 of One Punch Man come out?

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation regarding the release date of Chapter 181 of One Punch Man. However, most people speculate that it will be released on March 9, 2023, with others saying that it can even fall a day before in 8 of
March 2023.
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What happens in Chapter 181 of One Punch Man?

Although there are some differences between the original webcomic of One Punch Man drawn by One and the manga version of Yusuf Murat, many rhythms in history remain the same.
The fight between Satsuma and Santana still advances similarly, and we can guess what will happen in Chapter 181 looking at the webcomic.


After the two characters stole a death of Metal Bat in chapter 180, Santana tries to convince Satsuma to return to the Heroes Association.
The psychic is more interested in continuing his battle and tries to convert Santana’s head powder dragging him against the ground.
At this point, Sonic appears and wants to join fun, but Satsuma is not impressed and attacks the Ninja.
As expected, it has no possibility against the rank 2 superheroes and is quickly defeated.
Santana and Satsuma finally return to the Association of Heroes, where Caped Baldy happily says that he no longer needs to contain himself, which angry the girl.
This is the time when the fight becomes crazier, with Satsuma losing control slowly due to anger and accidentally aggravating his wounds.
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