Get All Favors Awake in Destiny 2 Season 20 – Challenge Season Updates

Season 20, challenge season, is currently in progress in Destiny 2. With a new season many new coins and seasonal updates come, including a new feature called Awoken Favors.
Awake favors are an improvement that you receive in the last seasonal activity, Defiant Battlegrounds, where you can gain more heavy ammunition when performing a specific task.
However, some players need clarifications about how to unlock them all.
So today, let’s talk how to get all the favors awake in Destiny 2.


How to unlock awake favors in Destiny 2

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For the short and sweet response, to unlock awoken favor, you must buy them on War Table on Helm with updates of the war table.
War Table updates are obtained by completing the seasonal challenge linked to them.
For example, you can win one when completing the seasonal challenge, Wake up, Queens guard.
Once you have the update, go to the war table and buy a favor of your choice.
Currently, there are three Rocket Favors that you can buy, each one provides a different benefit in some way or fashion.

For example, the exemplar of Zeal will improve your grenade recharge after ensuring final blows with heavy ammunition weapons.
The acquisition of the three favors will make any challenging battlefield much easier, which will allow the general experience to be fun and productive.
That is all you need to know about how to get awake favors in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our latest destiny 2 guides, as why torturers are weak, and more then.
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