| Rekkles Explains Reasons for Fnatics Low Performance in LEC Winter Split

Image Source: Riot Games
One of the great protagonists to talk about Fanatic’s failure in the Winter Split of LEC was Reckless.
The legendary League of Legends player has been one of those indicated by many fans of the organization, since they consider that it has been one of those who have given the worse performance in the invoked’s crack, and although he spoke on his Twitter channel asking for forgiveness
To the fans, it had not appeared live since that time.
The Swedish shooter opened directly on his Twitch channel to tell his version and explain the reasons for this debacle.
Before starting the article, we want to thank Matthias Aires, Moderator of Discord de Fnatic and creator of Fanatic LATAM who has translated the live, and taken several of the statements with which we will complement the news.

In the best case, Fanatic would have finished 5º-6 º

As for sports level, several important things stand out.
The first and most important is that FANATIC began to train very late, compared to other teams.
As the shooter comments, Fanatic would have trained a week in December, played the show match against KOI and that’s it.
The team joined again on January 2, and with hardly any time they entered the competition, hence the reason for the low performance of Fanatic.


As for the invoked crack, Fanatic threw several advantages that could have put them in the playoffs, which Reckless admitted, but it was also self-critical: At most we would have been 5th or 6th in the League. For an organization with FANATIC it is not
The objective that is expected.
The bad results affected the morale of the team and relationships, although he confirms that everyone gets along, and stressed that Razor took the worst part in this season to be the one that had a much more sacrificed role throughout the
Nine Winter Split maps and play around the middle jungle.


Here comes the part with the most also of the live.
First, Reckless talked about how his signing for FANATIC was forged and that he had to put 50% of the Buyout to sign for the organization of his life.
In return, Reckless asked Fanatic that if he made this movement it was because they guaranteed him the full 2023.

Although in the first instance they assured him this, Reckless learned that Fanatic contacted Upset so that the German returned to ownership after not finding a team in recent months.
Upset rejected, for obvious reasons since hours after the live his signing for Team Vitality was leaked.
On the occasion of this, he tells the tension he had during those two weeks and the bad times he was waiting for a response from Fanatic.
With everything resolved, he hopes that the team of a step forward and shows a better level than in the previous Split, in a team that was dysfunctional and in which the five pieces did not fit together.
Reckless puts the goal of improving the scrims blocks and that players take more games to League of Legends.
Finally, and showing the saddest and most complicated side of eSports, the Swedish began to cry when he has nothing more in his life than League of Legends.
Network supports have been noticeable and have sent many messages to the shooter at this time so complicated by which it is happening