List of All New Weapons in Fresh Season

Platoon 3-third-person shooter for Nintendo Switch.
A new update has been released with a totally brand-new period called Fresh Season, which adds a lot to the video game.
Given that this is a shooter, this brand-new variation of the game has a lot of brand-new weapons.
Review more listed below to discover out.

what brand-new tool in Platoon 3

Basic weapon

  • Neo-O-o-Matik:
  • Auxiliary tools: Palmyra lighthouse,
  • Special weapon: Killed growl 5.1
  • Neo splash-o-Matic:
  • Accessory weapons: suction bomb,
  • Special weapon: triple ink blow.


  • N-Zap 89:
  • Accessory weapons: Autobomb
  • Unique weapon: super champs
    .96 Board deck:
  • Additional tools: Splash Wall,
  • Unique weapon: Sea serpent Piano
  • Individual reactive noise offered:
  • Auxiliary weapons: toxic fog
  • Unique tool: ink storm
  • L-3 nozzle D:
  • Accessory tool: an explosive bomb
  • Unique tool: Ultra Publish
  • Fast blaster-deco:
  • Auxiliary tools: torpedo
  • Unique weapon: jet
  • Accident Blaster Neo:
  • Auxiliary weapon: Keeling Bomb
  • Unique weapon: super champs
  • Roller Krakow Splat:
  • Accessory tool: Palmyra lighthouse
  • Special weapon: Kraken Piano
  • Charger Z+F Splat:
  • Accessory weapons: Wall surface of spray
  • Unique weapon: triple ink impact.
  • Bryztovik Z+F:
  • Auxiliary weapons: Wall surface of spray
  • Unique weapon: three-way ink blow.
  • Three-Slower Novel:
  • Accessory tool: hissing bomb
  • Unique weapon: Tacticouler

H unique weapons

  • Sea serpent Piano:
  • Become a huge squid or octopus and also attack, by pressing the B switch to jump, or holding and releasing the ZR button to strike from acceleration.
  • You will be prone to a moment prior to and after the change, yet you will not obtain any kind of damages from attacks throughout the makeover.
  • Super boob:
  • Objective as well as scatter a bunch of baits comparable to balloons in a particular location.

  • Stamps similar to the touchdown factors Super Dive will be presented on the ground where bait will land.
  • Lure can be destroyed throughout the attack.
  • Bait, which are not damaged, will take off after a specific time, staining the surrounding lawn as well as triggering damage.
    This is all brand-new tools that will show up in the fresh period of Platoon 3, as well as several other modifications and stabilizing with existing weapons or various other gaming technicians.
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