Leviatáns Squad Falls to Navi in Lock: LATAMs Dreams of Winning Natus Vincere Tournament Ends

One day that could be the whole or nothing for LATAM because the only representative that remains is Leviathan who has a confrontation before one of the favorite teams of the NATU Sincere tournament, both squads have been quite solid during the event, but it is a duel
complicated for both sides where only one can get ahead in the competition that is lived.
Starting on an Ascent map selected by the sea dragon squad seeking
The second half of the confrontation we have the European team shows a solid step to take several rounds on its side making a difference, but Latinos respond in a good way, despite that the game would end for Navy with a 13-10.

The second map would be a fracture that would look interesting because the Europeans showed a great handling of the attacker with a Suggests that shows brutal superiority on several occasions to help the tickets of their team that leaves things in an 11
-1, during the second half of the encounter the reaction of the Levant is present to respond in the gun round, but the difference was abysmal with a minimum margin of error where Navy’s response would be to settle the game with a 13-2.


After these maps we see that the Leviathan squad ends falling to Navy’s power with a 2-0, LATAM’s participation ends within this tournament but with great performance, on the other hand Europeans show their great strength to end
An important game for them that catapults them as one of the four best teams in the event, and now they have to face the search for the championship.