Page Title: QZ: Did Ellie Leave Joel in HBOs The Last of Us Episode 7?

HBO’s episode 7 of The Last of Us begins just where the last episode left it, where Joel is stabbed by an assailant, and also offers us a look at Ellie’s own story in QC.
Joel is brutally injured, and all hope seems lost, and if you are wondering if Ellie leaves Joel in The Last of Us of Best is what he needs to know.

Does Ellie leave Joel behind HBO’s The Last of Us?

No, of course Ellie doesn’t let Joel die in The Last of Us of HBO.


At the beginning of episode 7, Joel is seriously injured and tells Ellie to go to the north and return with Tommy, since he does not believe he will achieve it.
The scene ends with Ellie looking at him with pain before leaving the garage, and we go back to his story with Riley.
In case it has not been patient enough to sit throughout the episode to find out what happens to Joel, what really happens is that Ellie is going to look for medications and supplies for Joel.
At this point in history, Joel and Ellie have already begun to be seen as a family, and considering how much Ellie has lost in her life, she is not willing to give up Joel and let him die to save himself.

Things go well, since Joel finally recovers and the two continue their trip to the Fireflies’ hospital in Salt Lake City.
That is all you need to know about whether Ellie leaves Joel in The Last of Us of HBO.
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