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Why Aurelion Sol is Temporarily Disabled in League of Legends – Riot Games Update

While it’s uncertain at this time precisely why Aurelio Sol is disabled– Riot has not offered gamers with any official reasoning– its most likely that the champ is unavailable to play due to a severe game-breaking bug.


Gamers who log into League and attempt to select Aurelio Sol in a ranked (or normal) video game will be unable to do so till the gameplay problems surrounding the champ are solved.

League of Legends the latest champ to receive a full-blown gameplay rework, Aurelio Sol, has actually been temporarily disabled from live servers. Riot has actually made the champion not available to play due to a series of in-game problems, according to a statement made through the League client.

Was the Aurelio Sol remodel disabled in League because of a game-breaking bug?

A likely description for Aurelio Sols disabling could be discovered in a video published earlier today by popular League bug-hunter Vandal, who displayed a bug that enables Aurelio Sol to cast his supreme ability, Falling Star, even when its on cooldown. This interaction comes to light whenever Aurelio Sol utilizes Astral Flight (W), which enables him to cast capabilities while moving. Celestial Flight, nevertheless, shouldn’t be giving Aurelio access to capabilities that are on cooldown.

This bugged interaction allows Aurelio Sol players to use their supreme ability twice in quick succession, causing them to deal a tremendous quantity of burst damage and turn practically any team fight in their favor.

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Its unclear when Aurelio Sol will be readily available to play again in League, although his return ought to be anticipated some time within the next day, if Riots previous bug fixes are any indication.

Another bug found by Vandal showcases Aurelio Sols unintended ability to utilize Singularity (E) while its on cooldown throughout his Celestial Flight. With this numerous bugs currently exploitable, Riot most likely discovered it finest to disable the champ entirely till his issues can be dealt with.