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Hogwarts Legacy is the game that franchise fans have been waiting for their entire life.


They can now be magicians in Hogwarts for the first time, customize your character and have an experience first-hand of everything that can happen in school, including magical battles.
One of the ways to get some victories in battle is with the help of features, but how do features accumulate in Hogwarts Legacy?
Here is everything you need to know.

Can you stack the features in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, the features accumulate Hogwarts legacy and are one of the best ways to characterize your magician and create a unique style for game fights.
There are many ways to decide what features you want for your magician.
If you choose several features, your character will be powerful but also versatile enough to handle any fight that appears on his way.
On the other hand, you can also choose to have the same features repeatedly, making your attacks more powerful and have a greater impact on spell damage.

Both strategies should make enemies easily def eatable.
Even if you don’t kill them.
As a reminder, you can find all kinds of features to improve your character, from concentration to increase the damage to your spells, to explosive to increase the damage with bombard.
There is also manipulation to increase damage in an empire objective.
There are 25 different types of features, so you will find those who work better with your style of play and the type of magician you are.
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