Who is Hana Kurusu? Exploring the Mysterious Jujutsu Kaisen Character

The Jujitsu Kaiser Culling Game Arc is full of new characters, and Haney Gurus stands as one of the most mysterious in the group.
Presented with a minimum and shown background history in a few chapters before joining the main group, the importance of the biggest plot is not clear in the best case.
However, some important revelations have shown that it is worth knowing it and, for that purpose, we have created this guide to answer the question: Who is Haney Gurus in Jujitsu Kaiser? And why is it important?

Haney Gurus de Jujitsu Kaiser: identity and explained powers

In the simplest terms, Haney Gurus is a member of the Culling Game and has one of the strongest damn techniques in Jujitsu Kaiser.
She is possessed by the Angel Devil in the same way that Yuri Atari is possessed by Sauna.
However, unlike Sauna, Angel Curved Spirit does not actively want to damage Haney and seeks to live in symbiosis with her.
In return, he just wants Haney to help him track Sauna, so he can kill the king of curses permanently.
To this end, it allows you to use your cursed technique at will, which gives Haney the ability to cancel any other damn technique with which it comes into contact.
This remains true regardless of how powerful the technique is, and basically means that you can safely resist anything that threw curses and sorcerers of jujitsu equally.

Why does Haney want to help Atari and Legume?

All this is quite clear, but the reason why Haney herself agrees to help Atari and Legume with her plans has a specific motive behind.
In Chapter 210 of Jujitsu Kaiser, it is revealed that Haney was saved by Legume when the two were girls.
After being attracted to the air of a cursed spirit, Legume managed to take her to a safe place using her white divine dog.
Then, the authorities found her and could live a normal life, although Legume never looked for any thanks or payment of her part.


As a result, Haney sees Legume as responsible for the life he has been able to carry and seeks to help people hopefully join them again.
This remained true after the massacre game began, and she sought it specifically to use her new powers to help her achieve her goals.

Legume remembers having saved Haney in Jujitsu Kaiser?

However, said all this, there is another unanswered question: Legume remembers saving Haney in Jujitsu Kaiser?
As is, there is no definitive answer.
This could be due to the young people who were when he would have saved it, or it could be due to some narrative turn that has not yet been revealed.
It could also be something that was confirmed outside of illustrated history, simply inferring that Legume remembers her and agreed to request her help as a result.
Almost the only sign that we have that he can remember it is when Sauna uses his affection for him to attract her and try to kill her.
It is not clear if this is simply something that he noticed while inhabited Tori, or if he learned of his past with Begum at investigating Begum’s memories.

Does Haney Gurus die in Jujitsu Kaiser?

Finally, there is the most important question regarding a character in the series: does Haney Gurus die in Jujitsu Kaiser?
We still can’t say it with certainty, but things do not paint well for her.
After being attracted near Sauna in chapter 213, he shows her hugging what she thinks is Legume while Sauna prepares to tear it with a head and enlarged jaws.
Another character may arrive to save her in time, but with the same ease I could end her and eliminate her from the game permanently.
We will have to wait and see, since there are still chapters that have not yet been launched.
Hopefully, this was clarified who Gurus is in Jujitsu Kaiser.
To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below.

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