Late Redemption: Fortuna Düsseldorf Stays on Top After A Deflected Shot from Tim Oberdorf


A deflected shot from Tim Overdose has offered fortuna düsseldorf three crucial points in the promotion battle of the second Bundesliga.
The late hit (85th) of the delineator led the way to the group of Daniel Throne after a true storm run against transfer candidate SV Tannhauser to 2-0 (0-0) success.
Rouen Jennings (88th) made everything clear shortly later on.
As the 6th in the table, the Fortuna, in which top goalscorer David Knack had to be hurt early (18th), 5 points behind the transfer rank and 9 on an ascent zone.
Tannhauser slipped to the penultimate rank.

4 days after the remarkable cup out in Nuremberg (3: 5 I.E.), Düsseldorf was clearly superior, however lacked the punch for a very long time.
Already after 45 minutes there were 74 percent possession and 9: 0 objective shots.

Overdose breaks the spell late

Knack, the most effective Fortuna shooter without a doubt with ten goals of goals, was painfully missed out on.
His replacement Daniel Since positioned a header too central (39th), likewise Jennings (47th/52nd).
The statistics currently revealed 18: 0 goal shots when Alexander Epstein (70th) left the first chance for the visitors at a counterattack for Tannhauser.
Overdose struck joy from Since from eleven meters.