How to Get More Sweet Sweet from Hogwartss Heritage Plants for Potion Making, Enemy Attacking and Merlin Tests

Hogwarts’s heritage plants are a very useful resource that helps you in many ways, for example, in the preparation of potions, the attack of enemies and the activation of Merlin tests.
There are many plants that you can get, each of which gives a different effect.
The mallow plant is a small plant with yellowish leaves.
They can be used to activate the tests of Merlin, which are a kind of puzzle for wizards.
You will get acquainted with the Hogwarts heritage when you meet with the researcher Nora Farewell near Lower Hogs field.
She mainly explores Merlin’s tests and explains to you that the tests will be activated if you sprinkle them with leaves.
Then she will give you 5 mallows leaves to start.

You can go through the test by setting a roasting frying with an Intended spell to start the side quest Merlin Trials.
Thus, at this stage you will receive 5 leaves of sweet mallow, each of which will give you one attempt to pass the test of Merlin.
In the end, the time will come when you will need to get more Mallowisite in the Hogwarts legacy.


How to get more Mallow sweet in Hogwarts Legacy

Malta’s herbs can be found in the wilds of the forbidden forest.
They will be scattered throughout the region, so you will have to look for them.
If you are not in your mood to hunt for Malta, you can buy mallow leaves from the seller of Timothy Tisdale in a magical nip in Hogs mid.
He will sell you mallow leaves for 100 galleons.
However, paying 100 galleons for each mallow sheet is economically impractical.
The most convenient and, therefore, the best way to get Halloween in Hogwarts’s Heritage is to grow it yourself.
To grow your own mallow, you will need mallow seeds, a drawing station and a few minutes of your time.
Sweet seeds can be bought from the same seller in Hogs mid for 200 galleons.
They are more expensive than the leaves themselves, but in the long run they will collect more leaves.
After you received the seeds of sweet mallow, you will need a station for their cultivation.
They are three sizes: small, medium and large.
However, for growing mallow, you can use anyone.
To access your own graphic stations, you first need to unlock the requirements room.
At first, you will have only one of them, but later you can get them more.
If you still do not have access to the requirements room, you can simply use drawing stations in the class of stamp.
Malta, plants have a growth time for 10 minutes, so you will have to wait awhile to collect them.
Each crop will give 5 mallow leaves.
If you want them even more, you can use fertilizer purchased from The Magic Keep to increase productivity.
Each fertilizer can only be used once that 300 galleons cost each.
To make this more economically feasible, you can purchase a pour composter to make your own fertilizer.