Hogwarts Legacy: Fans Miss Tiny Detail to Make their Experience Perfect

Hogwarts Legacy owners have been doing their rounds through the magic world for a couple of days.
While especially die-hard Harry Potter fans are blown away by the game, they still do not have a little something that would make the experience perfect.

fans are wanting to the developers of Hogwarts Legacy

From February 10th, all owners of Hogwarts Legacy can finally make the magic lock risky.


The end of the video game with early access is already praising the atmosphere of the role-playing video game in the highest tones.
You see the missed out on possibility of the designer for a feature that would fit so well into the in-depth game.
And very easy: sit.
On Reddit, several threads frolic on the subject and the players agree: they desire to sit.
In the big hall, in the common rooms or merely in the turf in the outside location of Hogwarts.
A terrific strength of Hogwarts Tradition is the exceptionally dense atmosphere that genuinely draws you into the game.
Many fans would like to stop briefly and just look at the environments.
And it is not just simple to sit on the agenda, likewise eating together or sleeping in the dorms is another desire of the Potter heads.
So more social interaction.
Oversleeping beds would also be practical for some players to let time go quicker.
Some even suggest that the preferred sitting might be coupled with an image mode to make lovely photos.

What does Warner Bros. state?

The community also wonders whether Warner Bros. is willing to add this information.
After all, the animations for enduring the NPCs are currently there.
And the excellent love for essential little things can be felt in every corner of the RPG, because this function would certainly be a good addition.
Up until now, the developers have also been especially open to feedback from the neighborhood.
Just recently had the gamers questioned about the lack of accessibility in regard to spiders in the game and brought this to the designer on Twitter.
Avalanche software application could definitely bring it into play with a future patch if the feature for sitting is often needed.

You can see one of these loving information from hogwarts legacy in this video: