Where to Find Malvadulce Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy

There are different tons to collect in Hogwarts Legacy, and all have a different purpose.
However, Malvadulce leaves are some of the most important materials, since they allow you to face Merlin Trials in the game.
Here is where to find Malvadulce leaves at Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Malvadulce leaves at Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways to get Malvadulce leaves at Hogwarts Legacy: buying them or cultivating them yourself.
It is much cheaper to grow them, but if you ever need them in a hurry, know that you can always buy them in Hogsmeade.
If you are looking to buy Malvadulce leaves, go to The Magic Keep in Hogsmeade.
From here, you can buy the Malvadulce leaves directly and use them every time you find a Merlin test while traveling.


Alternatively, you can buy the seeds in place, which will allow you to save more money in the long term.
With the seeds, return to the Men.
You will get a sheet every 10 minutes, so be sure to replenish the pot from time to time, and will never run out of evil leaves.

Where to use the Malvadulce leaves

As mentioned above, Malvadulce leaves are used to activate Merlin tests.
While exploring the world in Hogwarts Legacy, be attentive to the stone spiral pattern on the ground, then interact with it to use a Malvadulce sheet.
Next, the task of solving a brief environmental puzzle will be assigned and more inventory and equipment slots will be rewarded.
That is all you need to know where to find and get Malvadulce leaves at Hogwarts Legacy.
Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.
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