Mega Man Arrives On Android: A Classic Game Reimagined for a New Platform


Today Cap com has remained one of the video game companies that brings the best titles to the market, proof of this are the launches of Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and more renowned sagas.
However, Mega Man is a brand that has stayed a little behind in terms of new video games.
To be able to fill that void, titles for Android and iOS have been launched, such as the famous X Dive Geisha, which will now be company one of the classics who once arrived in Super Nintendo.
That is neither more nor less than Mega Man X, which at the time joined Apple’s stores, but until recently it was not available on Android.
This was confirmed by the official Mega Man account:

Mega Man X is thrown to Android!
Join X while Hunting Mavericks and begins to unlock his true potential in his first adventure.
It is worth mentioning that this version of Mega Man has some apparent changes, the first of them are the controls, which can be somewhat uncomfortable because they are totally tactile.
For their part, there are also the graphics, which are no longer with sprites in 16 bits, but were changed to images that seem animated in flash.
It has a cost of $200 MX and can already be purchased at the Google Play Store.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: Sometimes Cap com does it very well, but there are others that make it terrible, this is one of those occasions.
It looks pretty bad, it seems that someone grabbed the flash tool and programmed it.
I do not know, it does not convince me, the original or to the Maverick Hunter X is much better.