How Many Seasons of Jujutsu Kaisen Will There Be? Explained

It would not be an underestimation to say that Jujitsu Kaiser is one of the most popular anime series at this time.
With a darker turn in Shōnen’s tropes and a star animation quality thanks to the production work done by Zappa, it offers a visualization experience that is far ahead of many other programs.
However, nothing lasts forever and, as it advanced through the available episodes, a question occurred: how many seasons of Jujitsu Kaiser will be ??
We had the same question, and after seeing the rhythm of the anime and its available source material, we have a conjecture to share with you.

How many seasons will the Jujitsu Kaiser anime?

According to the information available, we venture to guess that Jujitsu Kaiser will see between four and five seasons in total.
This is based on the general amount of material adapted by season.
When observing the first and second season of the Anime Jujitsu Kaiser, it is possible to see a general pattern regarding the adaptation of the series.
The first season of the program covers five arches in total and 63 manga chapters used as material.
Meanwhile, the second season adapts the following two arches, which reach Chapter 136 because they are more bulky in terms of history.
This would mean that the program, on average, covers between 63 and 73 chapters per season.
Since it is planned that the manga series ends at the end of 2023 or near that date, that would put its total number of chapters between 250 and 270. While the series continues to adapt the manga and its chapters at this rate, it would be quite clean.
Cover all the source material of the series within four or five seasons with a total of 23 to 25 episodes per season.

Will more canon films be made from the series?

However, it is worth noting that it is not a Jujitsu Kaiser given, it will only see this estimate.
The arches that would follow the second season would not be so easy to adapt in a single execution of 24 episodes.
The elements of the story presented, as well as the climax achieved in terms of the spinning threads and the central narrative, will probably need more time to develop and adapt properly.
Zappa has also shown that they do not oppose the anime seasons to better adapt a series or stretch their execution time to generate more profits.
Attack on Titan is a perfect example, with its final season that contains multiple parts that have seen the final arc adapted much more slowly than the rest of the series.
There is also the possibility that more of the series adapts through movie releases.
Jujitsu Kaiser 0 adapted canonical material from the series and was a great success, becoming the sixth higher anime movie of all time.


As such, there is no reason for Zappa not to create more films that cover the arches of the series.

However, all this is speculation, since we can only make estimates given the amount of the series that must still be adapted.
All we can say with certainty is that the anime will not go anywhere in the short term, and that it will continue to be a fixed element of seasonal releases in the coming years.
I hope this has helped you give you an idea of how many seasons of Jujitsu Kaiser there will be.
To get more information about the series, you can read our other coverage below.
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