The Merlin Trials: All Riddles and Solutions in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game with an open world, filled with quests, secrets and puzzles.
One of the most common puzzles that you will find in the Hogwarts heritage is Merlin’s Tests.
Merlin’s tests are short heads, after which slots for equipment are opened.
Here’s how to get all the tests of Merlin in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

All Solutions Traces of Merlin in the Heritage of Hogwarts

You will need mallow leaves to start Merlin’s path.


If necessary, mallow leaves can be bought in Hogs mid;
However, you will receive five during the plot quest Merlin Testing.
Merlin tests will be one of the seven possible types of tests.

To determine the type of test, stand on a trial circle after activation and apply Revelry, this should highlight the elements of the puzzle in the environment with a blue color.
All decisions Merlins Trials
Fry the brazier Merlin trials
Globe Pillars Merlin Test
Motel stones of Merlin test
Testing large boulder Merlin test obstacles
Merlin tests on small boulders
Merlin testing stoves

Learn the Barron Merlin Titles

The Braziers Merlin test is the first test that you will take place in Hogwarts Legacy.
Search the surroundings in search of three fried on poles.
Fryer can be ignited by Intended or conferring.
These tests are designed for a while, and you will need to quickly light all three fried, as soon as you light the first brazier.

Globe Pillars Merlin Test

Globe Miller tests will require you to destroy globes on each column.
Globes can be distinguished with Revelry.
Balls can be destroyed by any spell, including your main composition.
These tests often contain several pillars of the globe and are often well hidden.

stones Merlin’s moth Stones tests end by detecting groups of luminous moths and bringing them to the stone to illuminate it.

Moths are often located next to a moth stone.
So that the moths follow you, say Lumps when you stand next to them.
The moths will follow your wand while Lumps is active.
Bring the moths to the stone.
Typically, these tests contain three stones from moths for lighting.

Tests of large boulder Merlin

Tests with a large boulder consist of moving a large boulder to the alleged platform nearby.
A large boulder can only be pushed by Popular.
Glasses are usually located above the platform so that they can be pushed from the edge or down the ramp to land on the platform.

Obstacles of the test of Merlin

The obstacle course requires the player to perform a short puzzle with Merlin testing jumps.
The course is usually located next to the trial period.
Starting with the lowest platform, you will need to quickly get to the farthest for the allotted time.

Merlin tests on small boulders

Tests with small boulders consist of five small boulders, which must be delivered to an elevated platform.
These tests are similar to tests on large boulders, except that you will need to use a share to pull boulders on the desired platform.
Usually you need to find three boulders sets, Revelry can help find platforms and boulders.

Stone Tests Merlin

Stone Slab tests are similar to Merlin testing with the pools of the globe.
However, these tests will require a powerful attacking spell, such as confusingly to destroy large stone slabs.
Usually there are five stone plates that need to be destroyed in such a way as to complete the test.
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