Take-Two CEO Addresses GTA 6 Leaks and Financial Issues

Something that remained as a historical fact in the video game industry was the massive leakage of images related to the sixth installment of GTA.
And while many thought it was false material, that has not been so due to the retreat of online content by Rockstar Games.
Now, the parent company has talked about the subject.
Therefore, it has been revealed in a new talk with Strauss Selznick, CEO of the company, they are not worried that the content of the game has been disclosed in their first phases of development, at least it does not affect the business issue.
However, he explains that pain is more emotional, and that could be due to the fact that the first revelation was somewhat more decent.
Here is your comment:

We take the leaks very seriously and disappoint us all, it is really frustrating and annoying for the team.
However, as a business issue we are not affected.
But as a personal and emotional issue, our teams are affected.

Something worth mentioning in relation to Take-Two, is that they recently mentioned that they will implement a new plan to save resources, this after certain losses during the year.
That includes farewells from some workers, which according to this are minimal cuts, so there will be people who will still keep their positions.
Via: IG
Editor’s note: It was obvious that for many leaks they will not affect them economically, because when the new delivery comes out it will sell a lot due to the weight that the saga is named.


However, they sure wanted the first impression beyond more quality.