The Definitive Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo: An In-Depth Look At The Console Souls-Like Before Release

As a suggestion, we had the ability to publicly check this console Souls-like last September, then a press version at the start of the year.
For this demonstration, free and accessible to all, on all platforms (PlayStation 5/ PlayStation 4/ Xbox Series X | S/ Xbox One/ Steam/ Microsoft Store), you can live Chapter 1: Village of Catastrophe along with the
Chapter 2: 2 chivalrous heroes.
These are not the exact same objectives as the demonstration of September.
The experience of the three kingdoms is prepared under the figure of the 3: the video game will be offered on 03/03/23.
And for those who choose to reserve so as not to start whatever again at the exit, your development during this demonstration will be transferred for the final variation of the game. You will therefore also have the leisure to create your last character: the demo will be offered from Friday 23
February at 9:00 a.m. (Paris time) to Monday, March 27, 2023 at 7:59 am (this demo can not be downloaded or played beyond this date).
The multiplayer will be offered and does not need a subscription to the online services of each of the platforms as part of this demonstration.


Do not fret about your character, the system is the exact same when it comes to Nigh 2: you can later customize your character in the tiniest information (including his category), totally free of charge and at will (no ticket in stores or costs in the
video game).
And in information, you will have, since the developer of characters uses a lot of choices (other than for the body which remains rather limited in morphology).
You can modify your size, posture, face to the end of the eyelashes (a great deal of possible settings), makeup, tattoos (shape, color, position and size) on the face and body, hair (and even up until length
And color of different parts of your hairstyle), apparent age, or voice.
If you like to customize your look, you have a relatively comprehensive freedom, and it is the same for the equipment whose look you can alter depending upon what you have opened.
Mentioning equipment, you can unlock this special helmet totally free (normally offered in DLC), Dragon leaning if you complete the demonstration:

Summary of the video game

For those who have not followed the news of the video game or who discover its existence, a small discussion is vital.
To Long: Fallen Dynasty is a soul seal, but it wishes to be accessible.
It is much closer to a Nigh 2 and Senior than a Dark soul.
He is truly near to Nigh 2 (we are not only speaking about the developer of characters!): He is worried, more permissive than Dark Souls, but while keeping a greater level of difficulty than an easy action game, in some cases even really difficult.

Video game system and development

The game focuses on instantly missions, showed on a basic map, but this time we have a hub where we can roam: a mystical town where we can fulfill a growing number of characters.
We can carry out all solo objectives, conjure up NPCs (more or less powerful depending on the affinity between them or with your character) or accomplish them in multiplayer.
You can select to rapidly sign up with a mission launched by another gamer, to assist him or… obstacle him (PVP intrusion).

Invasions are a way to acquire devices and eminence (points to exchange).
The game has some development aspects (levels, skills) and optimization (devices, minimal choices of active abilities, elements, animal totem), but in general it is more affordable than Nigh 2 (where the FARM was substantial).
Here, we choose the bonuses of its equipment directly by means of the Forerunner, there is fewer RNG and the system of different weapons is not connected to a shaft of proficiency, so we are not forced to utilize the weapons in which
We have invested points.
The points are to be distributed in the aspects (wood, fire, water, earth, metal), to open skills but also various stats bonuses depending upon the component.
Weapons also have affinities with each element.
We undoubtedly have a system to handle in between the numerous builds, since we in some cases have circumstance that pushes us to change our combat design (duels for example, or certain managers).

The totem animal is likewise a specificity of TO long, it permits to have an attack or result correct to that picked, to be activated when its gauge is complete (gauge that fills when you cause or go through damage).
Some stay by your side to combat for a few seconds, others create locations of damage or care, etc.
Another determining option, the passive rewards they approve to the character, along with their aspect: you can also use your animal totem to wrap your powerful primary magic weapon, which will trigger, in addition to elementary damage, intriguing negative effects compromising
Opponents in the face of another aspect or inflicting essential penalties (such as the depletion of their energy for example).

The battle is of the action type, however with numerous determines to manage:

  • The gauge of life (HP): these are the points of life, absolutely nothing truly particular, if it falls to zero you are dead and go back to the last banner lifted
  • I’s gauge: Alternatively, it fills according to your shares (and decrease when you are inactive).
    It serves you to use abilities, however likewise to adorn and dodge (so you can not decorate endlessly and require using your skills sparingly).
    If you are undergoing a blow when it is full, you are breathless and can not take action or relocation for a couple of seconds, making you very susceptible!
    The very same goes for the opponent, this state allows you to activate a destructive vital attack
  • The spirit gauge: it fills when you are effectively wearing: it enables you to utilize martial arts.
    These special abilities depend upon the weapon you use
  • The totem animal gauge: it fills when you use or go through blows.
    It enables you to use your animal-Totem, in invocation or to instill your weapon of its element
    The other terrific specificity of To Long: spirits.
    The more morale you have, the more powerful you hit and are resistant.
    You get morale by hitting your enemies, while you lose it if you are important or die.
    In case of defeat, you lose all your morale to the lower landing.
    When you hose a banner, each landing unlocks.
    The little banners upset your morale and take care of you (in addition to your allies), the big banners do the same however also the service of checkpoint where you can call reinforcement (player or NPC), alter your construct, increase in level, etc.
    It is therefore interesting to discover and hoist all banners of a level.
    The morale of opponents is likewise an increase for them, and if your spirits is much lower than theirs, it is most likely that you have some troubles in overcoming it (or even die in one blow).
    This can require you to take another course (and possibly return later).
    The burials of other gamers who have actually died in particular places can alert you to the existence of a formidable enemy or an ambush… The burials of other gamers do not invoke an ally or ghost to deal with like some others
    On the other hand, you can devote a care potion to win a momentary spirit benefit.

History and characters

Finally, concerning history, no need to be a fan of the dynasty warriors, even if we find part of the emblematic characters (given that the universe is the very same: the legendary of the three kingdoms), there are just
Few extravagant sides in heroism.
On the other hand, there is mainly in fairly large proportions on the scary side and violent satanic forces.
It is a lot more serious, darker and bloody universe… but not as much as Nigh 2 where the heads fly to whatever, even with a Shrike.
Here, it rains from the blood and the style of particular satanic forces is repugnant and really effective, however it is a little less complimentary gore.
The introduction of the protagonist is excellent, and it is a genuine pleasure to find particular characters.
Without telling, you too much, To Long: Fallen Dynasty ensures you a number of 10s of hours of action: forty according to the publisher, and probably more for brand-new players of the genre or the most strong.

In summary

We see you including the TL; DR!
So here are the essential points:

  • Free demo available to all
  • Available on PlayStation 5/ PlayStation 4/ Xbox Series X | S/ Xbox One/ Steam/ Microsoft Shop
  • Playable from Friday, February 23 at 9:00 a.m. (Paris time) to Monday, March 27, 2023 at 7:59 am (this demonstration can not be downloaded or played beyond this date).
  • The multiplayer will be readily available and does not require a subscription to the online services of each platform as part of this demo.
  • 2 various missions from the previous public demonstration:.
  • Chapter 1: Village of catastrophe.
  • Chapter 2: Two chivalrous heroes.
  • You can open an unprecedented thing by completing the demonstration: the Dragon Help lean.
  • The backup can be moved to the last variation at the exit of the game.
  • Release of the game on March 03, 2023.
    We are not going to expose everything to you about the material of this demo, on the other hand, small guidance: do not prevent yourself at the one in charge of the first chapter and know that the greatest damage originates from vital attacks (after a successful counter).
    Best of luck!