How Chat GPT By Open AI Could Give Nexon Users A More Personalized Experience

While the production AI, represented by the catgut (CATGUT), is attracting attention, Nixon said, We are attracted to the fact that we can provide more diverse contents to users.

Chat GPT is an interactive artificial intelligence service introduced by the US Startup Open AI.


On the first day of the service on November 30, 2022, it is reported that it exceeded 1 million users and 10 million people a month.
Chat GPT is attracting attention by answering natural conversations, even though it is an early service provided by Open AI.

Nixon has already established IntelliJ Pass Labs for AI research in 2017.

Currently, Nixon studies the generated AI through IntelliJ Public Labs.
The generated AI project under development includes △ FIFA Online 4 personalized relay, △ AI NPC service, and △ AI voice generation service.

FIFA Online 4 Personalized Broadcasting is a service in which AI generates users’ personalized scripts in real time in real time and uses voice synthesis (TTS) technology to give users by voice in sports announcers.

The AI NPC service is a communication function with users based on the worldview in the game by introducing AI Persona, not a script set to NPC, Boss, and major characters.
It helps users to enjoy the game more fun with appropriate advice.
The AI voice synthetic technology is also being developed to improve game immersion by giving a unique voice.

Nixon expects the generated AI technology to have a greater pleasure for users.
An official of Nixon said, The concept art that uses the creation AI to be inspired by the design is happening in various fields, even if it is not a game, he said.
There will be this.

But Nixon is not aimed at reducing the work process because it is the goal to have fun and fun to users, he said.

An official of Nixon said, Even if the same game is created with the AI model of FIFA Online 4 Personalization and AI NPC Service, we will try to give each user a personalized experience according to their tastes and tendencies.
I am attracted to the user with a variety of content.