FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt Takes Lead of the Regionalliga Northeast After an Exciting Matchday 19

At the top against the bottom, it was called both Carl Zeiss Jena and OK Leipzig.
Carl Zeiss, who was already in action throughout the week and was unable to run a threesome under Neu-coach Clinical this year, received Tennis Russia Berlin.
For Tube, every counter still has a point, there was one point from the previous 2 video games of the year versus group from the upper 3rd, however the Berliners did not yet score an objective.
There was absolutely nothing to get versus the FCC that evening.
Under continuous pressure from the Jena offensive series, Tube hardly left safeguarding and, after a bit over half an hour, yielded the first objective.
After a long ball, Very Verbena served the Decides, who had no difficulty accommodating the ball in the empty gate-keeper Albert had formerly rushed out of his box, but might no longer avoid the impact (31).
The Berliners were well served with the narrow 0: 1.
If the Jena exploitation was still to be preferred in round one, the FCC closed the sack early after the break.
8 minutes after the restart, an easy long ball led to 2-0.
Kraus scratched the leather from the baseline and found Decides, who put on the double pack from a short distance.
Just two minutes later on the doorbell rang once again
MIMO came to a conclusion after a free kick at the long post, Albert’s defense attempts were unsuccessful (55. ).

engine leaves points again.

OK Leipzig satisfied Viktoria Berlin in the third Friday game and might have taken a threesome with Prius Cottbus for the time being.
OK did not seem to have actually grown to the pressure that night and, after an extremely bloodless efficiency, specifically in the very first round, left feathers in the title race.
From the beginning, the Leipziger starting eleven, changed to five positions, had their issues.
Like seldom sprayed to the front.

Only after the modification of sides did the video game pick up a little.
Because OK Leipzig had consistently demonstrated his comeback qualities in the past few weeks, it nearly appeared like the team of CIA Aladdin wanted a goal to finally have the ability to work himself.
When KFC in minute 51. In fact brought the lead with a rich link shot into the left lower corner, the Leipzig offensive game unexpectedly started to take on better and much better trains.
This was followed by a quick last phase, in which Leipzig’s room, whose shot was kind of support of the strong wind in the Bruno-Plachen-Stadion to the ideal upper corner, which scored 1-1 (82nd).
The last word of the night then went back to the visitors.
The ball sailed from the right into the Leipzig penalty location, where Harris concerned an end.
The ball was deflected in the turmoil and ultimately turned over the line (87th).
Irritating for locomotive, which had actually been really effortless in the last phase.
In injury time, to make matters worse, singing paint likewise saw the traffic signal card and was for that reason missing out on in the next league game versus Tube.

Cottbus blows once again

Energies Cottbus had to solve a supposedly practical task at FSV Buchenwald on Sunday.
However, the group of Claus-Dieter Jollity had issues against snappy peacekeepers from the start.
The relegation-threatened hosts captured a design start in the Brandenburg battle and took the lead after less than 120 seconds through Borowski.
The FCE did not get a foot on the floor in the initial stage.
The house team tried to add.
Due to the fact that Bethe prevented the second effect versus the plum and Borowski with a brilliant act, Cottbus made it through the first area without further objective.
Even in the first round, energy stayed largely pale.
In the 2nd round, the Pulitzer increased, but ultimately a point for the third-placed FCE would not have been deserved.

NOA heads Erfurt to the top

Roadway Erfurt also needed to handle issues at the visitor efficiency in Schoenberg.
The house group pressed up, required WE to take long blows again and again and tried to look after needles.
Orchard even scored management for the cellar child in the 21st minute.
After that, nevertheless, the guests from Thuringia came into play much better and Harrell raised the ball into the goal in minute 32.
4 minutes later, Harrell shot the result under the help of Schoenberg’s goalkeeper Collect, who made the ball passed unhappily from a severe angle.
After the side exchange, the video game developed more and more into an open and intensely assisted exchange of blows.
Brando scored after 58 minutes from the edge of the penalty location.
Merged dusted for another Erfurt trip ten minutes further.
Regardless of the brand-new setback, the hosts resisted and ended up four minutes prior to the last whistle for the 2nd time.
WE acted in the design of a leading team, in return thanks to NOA’s header, the victory (89.) and therefore likewise the lead through the Cottbus.

Chemnitz wins outnumbered

In Chemnitz, the Graphical FC made guest looks at the sky blue.
The favorite CFC initially managed the game, however there was little to go forward against well-staggered guests in the preliminary stage.
After 20 minutes, Graphical knocked out dangerously offending for the very first time, however Richardson’s double opportunity clarified the Chemnitz defense around goalkeeper Jakub.
In the 36th minute the ball fidgeted in the goal.
Mensa was played in the penalty area, scored and presented the ball for the Chemnitz lead.


After that, Kirchner provided his colors a trendiest when he struggled to the ground needlessly after a foul on Baumann and took a look at the ground with referee Chris Rauschenberg smoothly (41. ).
Graphical instantly increased the rate and tried to equalize prior to the break
However, the CFC made it through the final minutes of the first half untouched.
In the 2nd round, the GFC initially maintained the pressure, however the visitors in the last 3rd were missing either the nerve or a shimmering idea.
The home group, on the other hand, took two chance in halftime two to make the preliminary choice.
Caligula was fouled in the charge location, Ampulla at first failed from the point to Karen, however sank the margin to 2-0 (68. ).
Since Graphical could not consider anything even afterwards, the success of the hosts, who are in 2nd place in the table.

Meuselwitz switches on after the break.

The basement duel between ZFC Meuselwitz and Germania Halberstadt was still on the program at the end of the match day in the late Sunday afternoon.
Even after the 19th round, the Teutons continue after their first win of the season.
In Meuselwitz, Halberstadt kept in a weak very first round.
After the break, nevertheless, the dams broke at the bottom.
Quickly after the reboot of Madrid, Person consulted with the first hazardous action for house trip (49th), which Müller broadened from the indicate Foul to Trübenbach quickly later on (56. ).
Once again simply 7 minutes later on, Müller was there for the second time after a corner.
Formerly, Faith avoided the connection two times with a double chance.
Schemer made completion of a second round in the 81st minute.
Meuselwitz gets some air in the basement through the 4: 0, for Halberstadt the circumstance is becoming more and more precarious.

BFC Eager beaver celebrates the next victory

Rank fourth of seventh location indicates the leading video game before the match day.
There wasn’t much going on in the very first round in between the Berlin AK and the BFC Dynamo.
It was an extremely handled capital duel in which the guests won a little more ball belongings.
However, the reigning master seldom radiated the goal.
The BACK was safe at the back, however also rarely set accents.
Accordingly, it went goalless in the half.
After the side exchange, both groups attempted to appear on the offensive more frequently.
The guests set the very first stitch with Music, who was in the ideal location for 63 minutes and scored the BFC lead.
The knot had now burst and Drafted pressed a perfect preparatory work by alternative Pollack in the 70th minute to 2-0 over the line.
The decision.
After the lean start to the season, the BFC Dynamo is finally back in the circle of the title with the 3rd win in the third game in 2023.

CAK MAK satisfies Babelsberg

Bertha BSC II got off to a better start at SV Babelsberg.
Aluminum kept two times from the host tenth in the early seconds from an early deficit.
Babelsberg was then able to separate some printing of the guests, but the more dangerous group stayed capitals.
They could not transform their opportunities in a countable.
After the break, the game tipped more towards the hosts.
After a corner kick, Bertha keeper Kwasigroch was initially on hand, but then helpless against Cayman’s margin from the back area (68. ).
The Hertha-Bubis no longer found an answer.
It remained 1-0 for the SVB, which after a long haul commemorated a victory again.

Presentation of VSG Altglienicke

A demonstration of power in the leading video game: For example, one could explain the encounter in between VSG Altglienicke and the BSG Cherie Leipzig at the start of the 19th match day.
After the current coup against Cottbus, the VSG has found the triggers that have been lost in the meantime in to defend the champion and had the next huge exclamation mark on Friday night at the 4-0 gala look versus Cherie Leipzig.
From the beginning it was the house side who pressed the accelerator pedal and set the course for clear house success in the first round.
A double strike tossed the team of Miroslaw Fanatic in the 23rd and 25th minute if the visitors from Leipzig were still trying at the start.
It was only in a half-left position that Circa got too much space and served the UAN, which was put on the edge of the charge location, who finished freestanding (23rd).
Shortly afterwards, the focus was on UAN once again.
This time the enemy was sent out on the trip after a nice combination and put the ball from a short distance in between the posts (25th).
Above all, the in some cases huge cinema remained in play, which the Berliners created on the yard.
Regardless of the lack of support for the fans who traveled with them, the chemists succeeded little in the preliminary.
When it struck the visitor box for the 3rd time soon before the break, an ordeal made a debacle that would have almost come true after the Pause to the Leipziger-Zum.
Instantly after the reboot, the ball was once again in the housing of Benjamin Ballot, but this time the objective was preceded by an offside position (48. ).
As an outcome, Altglienicke took the foot from the pedal and just followed the last and fourth goal of the night in the individual of Sean Mensa in the final stage (80th).
Due to the well-deserved home win, the VSG passes the Leipzig chemistry and increases the pressure on the top groups.

Jena surpasses chemistry