How The Game Industry Method Is Transforming The Metabus: How Government Departments Are Agreement With The Relationship Of Games And Met

Government departments have agreed to the game and meths relationships.
The frequency of game composition is key.
The game industry method is applied to the meta buses that are composed of ‘mostly’ as a game.
It is necessary to discuss some of the most and some.

According to the data submitted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 3rd, the two ministries agreed at the December 28 meeting last year.

The agreement is that the game industry law is applied to meth uses that are composed of most of the game, and the game industry law does not apply to meth uses that do not contain games.

Game materials are legally available for entertainment using information processing technology or machine, or to be used to enhance leisure, learning, and exercise effects to increase the use of devices and devices that are designed for the use of the video.



Metals is understood as a world (platform) in which the government interacts with people or objects and creates economic, social and cultural values in a space where virtual and reality is fused.

To date, the meta bus guidelines have not been established.
An official from the Ministry of Culture and Industry said, If the game in the meta bus is included, the agreement between ministries on whether to apply the Game Industry Act is not derived, and the guidelines are being delayed.
I plan to do it.

The Ministry of Culture and Industry said, If you admit the exception to games in the meths, you will have a blind spot for youth protection, along with the equity issues with existing games.
Therefore, there is a need for prior measures and follow-up management of the expected problems through the application of the Game Industry Act.

The Ministry of Science and Technology said, If you include some games in the megabus, considering the economic value and specificity of the meths business, it is necessary to prepare guidelines in the direction without applying the game industry method.
The sensationalism and violence can be solved through strict self-regulation.