Rockstar Solves GTA Online Attacks, Making It Safe To Play Again


A few days ago a huge controversy involving GTA 5 online was running the internet: a security failure allowed the accounts of players to be invaded and on top of that their computers were exposed, which could generate theft and a lot of damage.
Rock star spoke at the time stating that it was already taking care of the subject, and it seems that now they have already done an update solving the problem.

Rock star launches security update in GTA 5 online

It was an exploit that allowed malicious players to invade accounts and computers from other players.
Of course this generated a lot of tension between the public, but the company offered to solve everything quickly.
According to Tweet, Rock star has already implemented a security patch by correcting the situation and ensuring that players have a quiet experience.
In addition, they took advantage of the situation to apply general stability improvements to the servers.

Patch Notes

  • A new data protocol has been implemented on GTA Online to improve the safety of network sessions and player to player messages.
  • Fixed a problem that could result in modifications to the GTA online player experience by third parties, including: GTA $ balance tampering, RP level, bad sport status and other player statistics;
    Players’ manipulation, which caused expulsions or locking.
    It was not commented if players who were harmed by these invasions were somehow rewarded.
    However, it is likely that those who have come into contact with the support have had assistance and corrections.

If this has happened to you, contact the company immediately.
If you needed to avoid the game before, so as not to take any risk of having your account invaded, this is no longer necessary.
GTA Online is safe again for PC players.