NBA 2K23 Season 3 Patch Notes: Everything That Is New

Are you ready for the latest season of NBA 2K23? The Season 3 Update Patch has finally gone live, introducing a range of new features, improvements and changes to the game. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all the new content and patch notes, so you know what to expect!

The following short article looks at all the significant spot notes and the current updates that have actually been included as part of upgrade patch 3.0, in NBA 2K23.

The whole spot notes have actually already been launched by NBA 2K and consist of a variety of brand-new modifications that are sure to excite gamers around the globe. These include player rating updates, logo changes, and a variety of other new features that have been contributed to the video game.

The NBA 2K23 Season 3 update patch went live on Dec. 11 with a variety of huge modifications being presented.

The current upgrade has actually been contributed to make way for Christmas themed occasions and new places that are expected to be added in the approaching holiday.

NBA 2K23 season 3 patch: What is new?

Further gameplay changes and numerous updates to locations and particular obstacles have also been included. The spot represents the greatest update that has actually been introduced in NBA 2K23 up until now. Gamers can easily track all the modifications at the official link pointed out above.

  • Chucky Brown (brand-new historic sculpt).
  • Butch Carter (updated historical sculpt).
  • Tyson Chandler (new historic sculpt).
  • Maurice Cheeks (updated historical sculpt).
  • Speedy Clayton (brand-new historical sculpt).
  • Wayne Cooper (brand-new historical sculpt).
  • Le dell Tackles (brand-new historical sculpt).


  • Ernie Gruenfeld (upgraded historical sculpt).
  • Marc Macaroni (updated historical sculpt).
  • Mike McGee (new historical sculpt).
  • Oliver Miller (new historical sculpt).
  • Stacey King (brand-new historic sculpt).
  • Mark Leading (brand-new historic sculpt).
  • Scott Padgett (brand-new historical sculpt).
  • Anthony Peeler (brand-new historic sculpt).
  • Mark Cost (new historical sculpt).
  • Malik Rose (new historic sculpt).
  • Doug Smith (brand-new historical sculpt).
  • Vladimir Stefania (upgraded historic sculpt).
  • Maurice Taylor (new historic sculpt).
  • Luke Travels (dynamic hair upgrade).
  • Darrell Walker (updated historical sculpt).
  • Wally Walker (updated historic sculpt).
  • Scott Wed man (brand-new historic sculpt).
  • Herb Williams (brand-new historical sculpt).
  • Jayson Williams (brand-new historical sculpt).

There seems a range of new functions and modifications included as part of the current NBA 2K23 update. Apart from the following general modifications, a variety of players have actually received upgraded faces and gamer likeliness, consisting of some major players such as Jimmy Butler and Angelo Russell.

Moreover, the following players have received updated sculpts, with comprehensive modifications and upgrade details already being included by NBA 2K at this link.

  • · Preparations for NBA 2K23 Season 3, introducing this Friday, Dec. 2, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Stay tuned for what we have in shop!
  • · The Costs Russell 6 logo design has been contributed to the court apron for all 28 alternate flooring
  • · The Black Lives Matter logo design has been contributed to the court floor for all WNBA teams
  • · The 2021-22 championship banner has actually been contributed to the Golden State Warriors arena
  • · George Means retired # 99 jersey has actually been included to the Los Angeles Lakers arena
  • · Baseline team word marks and corner champion prize graphics have been contributed to the Chicago Sky arena
  • · The mascots for the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers have been updated to reflect real-life design modifications