Jujutsu Kaisen: These Are All The Details About The Expectation Of The Anime

This weekend Jump Fest 2023 was held in Japan.
In addition to all the information related to the future of other anime, Zappa took the main stage to talk about the second season of Jujitsu Kaiser, and take the first official view of the adaptation in which they have been working.


During his presentation, Zappa showed us the first advance and design that the new anime characters will have.
On this occasion the arch of the past of Goo will adapt, an event where we will enter characters such as Rico Amanda and Toni Fushiguro.
While the trailer lacks a clear look at the anime, the designs that Rico Amanda and Toni Fushiguro will also be shared.
Although there is no confirmation for the moment, the second season of the anime is expected to also adapt the events of Shibuya’s indecent.
Along with this, it was confirmed that the anime will return at some point in July 2023. In related issues, Kenya’s goal is revealed.
Similarly, here you can see another advance of the second season.

Editor’s note:
The second season of Jujitsu Kaiser will be phenomenal.
The manga simply improves with each chapter and the arches of Goo’s past and the Shibuya incident are some of the most impressive moments in history.
I can no longer wait.
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