New Boosts And Weapons Available For Summoning Portal Mod In High On Life

Modifications in High On Life can be equipped with weapons to improve it and get new abilities.

While some mods can be purchased at a pawnshop or from merchants, the model of the portal can be found in one of the worlds.
Here’s how to get a Summoning Portal mod in High on Life.

What is the modal of the Portal Supply in High on Life?

Summoning Portal Mod is a mod for Sews, which changes her charged attack.
Summoning Portal Maud creates portals for a loaded Size attack, which automatically fares after a small delay.
With a mod, you can charge and shoot at attacks at a higher speed.
The portal also makes shots move faster and seems to be more damaged.
The delay for a charged shot also allows you to make ordinary shots during charging, so you can destroy enemies within a few seconds after using Sweet.

where to find the Summoning Portal mod in High on Life

Summoning Portal Mod can be found in the world of Zephyr Paradise, where you will meet Clubs.
Exploring the world, you will ultimately stumble upon a mining complex.
Move around the object until you reach the lower shaft tunnels.
As soon as you get to the lower shaft tunnels, follow the path on the right until you see the fan on the right wall.


Use the ability of Sews Time Bubble to slow down the fan.
Then use the knife to grab the fan.
Then you will meet a couple of G3 soldiers playing volleyball.
Take them off, and you will find Summoning Portal’s mod further in the room.
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