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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How To Make Superior Potions, Bombs, Oils, And More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers many options for players who seek to completely dominate the opposition.
Do you want to use magic?
There are signals to add some sick effects to Gerald in the middle of the battle.
If yours is the reach, how about a crossbow, so you can shoot some shots in your head in the middle of this expanding fantasy world?
Then there are higher elements such as bombs, potions, oils, and more that allow you to refine your strategies and capitalize on the weaknesses of your enemies.
Here is how to get them.

How to get potions, bombs and higher oils in The Witcher 3

At the beginning of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, your options are limited.
You will have access to a handful of potions, a couple of bombs and not much more.
Over time, if you are looking for enough, you will find new concoctions, as well as higher versions than you already have.
Improved versions increase the power and amount you can carry.
But sometimes it needs even more, which is not exactly easy to get.
It turns out that there is a Doodad who lives in the Kellie Islands that is accumulating tons of knowledge and recipes, you just need to complete your search to get them.
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy is a level 24 mission that you will find during your trips in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
You will see an alchemy store but the man, Uremic, will not sell you anything, will not even consider any of your questions.
Talk to the nearby Druid and this will trigger the search where you can talk to Uremic once again, and he will accept to take you as his apprentice.
If you do three favors.
He needs a pimping (some flower), a specific spirit (alcohol) and the assistance of a druid called Frito to help complete his ritual.
Pimping is easy to get.
Search in the area where you should be, and you will see that you are nowhere.
Follow the footprints and tracks in the immediate area, and it turns out that a succubus has been collecting them for their den.
You don’t have to kill her, it’s really quite incredible, so I know kindly, keep her and let you take a pimping.
To get the spirit, you will have to go to an abandoned distillery and do it yourself.
There is a cyclops here, so be careful since they are immensely powerful.
A bit of Queen and many fire damage will end this guy easily.
Be sure to get away quickly when you jump in the air and dodge to the side when you load.
After it is dead, collect the ingredients and follow the instructions you will have to find in the upper room.
Acquired spirit.
Getting Frito to join a resist will require a little more work.
You see, he is helping a town to rain a little in their lives, so you will need your help.
The magic you need to launch to help this little town attract Fog lets, and will need them to mature.
They will appear enough, so you will have to be on guard.
Some Agni will help since they are weak to shoot, just make sure to keep moving since they like to appear just behind Gerald.
Once everything is said and done, Frito will go to Uremic’s place.
Once you have completed these three mini-rings, you can return to Uremic.
He says that he is not allowed to see the ritual, so he must leave and wait.
It turns out that you have to wait a whole day.
He entered his room once again and will see that the ritual was only him and Frito getting drunk and having a good dinner.
However, it is actually a good thing, since alcohol seems to make Grimiest much more pleasant.
Have a quick talk with him and teach you some things and provide you with tons of alchemical ingredients.
Once the mission is completed, Gerald can access your store.
Here you will find a lot of powerful planes that a cunning sorcerer can undoubtedly make good use.


Buying them all is quite expensive with a price of 4,140 crowns for all manuscripts.
But you can’t ignore the usefulness of each of these articles, so save and buy them all.
If you have problems acquiring such a large amount of gold, use this guide practice to gain weight the Gerald wallet.
There you have it, everything you need to know about how to get potions, bombs and higher oils.
Are you going to go crazy for the upper bombs?
Or maybe you are more a person of potions and plan add a lot of benefits to Gerald.

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