Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection release date announced.

This year one of the revelations that Cap com fans liked the most has been the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, compiled from the series that brings together 10 games of this spin off saga.
And while some news were given after their announcement, the release date had not been confirmed, something that has changed a few hours ago.
Through a new trailer, it is confirmed that this collection will arrive on the market on April 14, 2023, with new functions that fans who follow this sub-Saga of the blue robot will like.
Ensuring that the game in line with battles will be present, and that is added the possibility of changing fight chips to use in the clashes.

Here is the video:
The physical or digital version contains two games, volume 1 and volume 2, on a single card or game disk.
If the ten titles were combined in a single package, they would be recognized as different games.
This would affect online functions, so it was necessary to maintain the releases such as Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Something that also happened with the Mega Man X collection.


The games included are based on the Japanese versions and as a result, the code had to be written again.
For this collection, the English versions will have content equivalent to the Japanese.
To this is added some gift skins that do not appear in the original games, this to have something extra for the followers of the franchise.
Via: Cap com
Editor’s note: It is certainly one of the compilations that I am waiting for most for 2023, since Battle Network is a franchise that cannot play in its entirety.
It is a reason for joy to know your departure date.