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5 reasons to be excited about Nightingale, the new survival game

Nightingale is an upcoming survival RPG that has been in development for over a year. The game was announced at last year’s Game Awards, and since then, has finally released a new gameplay trailer. Nightingale is set to be the first game developed by Tokyo-based studio Loyola, and it looks like it will be shaping up to be a very exciting experience!

The gameplay from the Summer Video Game Fest could have currently fixed this, but that had not penetrated me at all.
Just the fresh Realm walker’s journey trailer modifications now, around which I could not navigate through the Game Awards.
Fortunately, due to the fact that he lastly presented me something after I was still searching for to stimulate: fantastic desire to discover.

Due to the brand-new trailer, Nightingale is clearly on my radar once again.
We will just see whether it can actually provide me this feeling of discovery in the end with its websites in the end.
And unfortunately just on the PC.
So I best regards hope that versions for the consoles will appear eventually.
Nightingale is established by Infection Games and is to be launched for the PC in the first half of 2023.
The Early Access stage should take in between 9 and 12 months.
Further statements and trailers from the Video game Awards can be discovered in our large introduction.
Do you have any Nightingale on the screen?
What do you state so far?

Nightingale was unveiled on the Video game Awards in 2015.
And to this year was the survival video game of former natural developers at the award ceremony.
A new trailer lastly showed us more gameplay including some realms, independent open worlds, which need to likewise be discovered by an umbrella.

Mary Poppins greetings in Nightingale

In addition to aggressive animals in a temple complex, which are fended off with a magical hammer stroke, the trailer also provides us with numerous serene creatures.


We likewise get normal survival mechanics such as base, fishing and stone construction.
The umbrella with which we can fly throughout the area from higher locations is more uncommon.
However look at the new Realm walkers Journey Trailer best:

What is Nightingale anyway?

If you haven’t had the game big on your screen so far, here is a little summary: In the shared World Survival role-playing game we experience an alternative world that stands apart by its Victorian fantasy setting.
In 1889, the so-called realm walkers take a trip through websites to small open worlds (the realms), but are challenged with a battle for survival after the websites collapse.
This is revealed in the classic survival mechanics such as exploring, gathering, gathering, crafting and fighting, whereby we also utilize rifles, pistols and magic for the latter.
In order to bring back the portals and enter the special realms, we need realm cards, the combination of which identifies the appearance of the world.
As the developers guaranteed, we can experience everything alone or in the co-op.
So Nightingale is not a MMO.
Nevertheless, the shared World could happen that other gamers encounter us.
(by means of polygon).
Annika Cavendish.
After the statement of Nightingale on the Video Game Awards 2021, I did not focus on the game.
I have something for survival video games and discover the Victorian fantasy design actually interesting, however to stimulate merely did not wish to avoid through the few gameplay scenes and the preliminary MMO ambiance.

The websites no longer appear like an easy mechanics that need to enable many biomes.
They belong to the story, and we initially have to restore them so that the diverse worlds and their animals are open to us.
Above all, to destroy in the trailer, into which the character could not permeate much deeper, finally caused the feeling of having a good time exploring these worlds.
And even flying with umbrellas-Mary Poppins welcomes.