The location of the old statue of the midnight suns

The endless secrets of the abbey at the Midnight Suns from Marvel make the player in confusion scratch the back of the head.
One of these puzzles is the whereabouts of four statues erected in honor of the former heroes or old midnight suns that have united to stop the Lithuanian demons.
This leadership will help you find these four statues in the midnight suns Marvel and explain how you can pay tribute to the old midnight sun and receive awards.

The location of the old statues of midnight suns

The secret of Old Midnight Suns begins when players find one of the statues in abbey and interact with it to pay tribute.
This makes the statue’s eyes glow, and now the players must find 3 other statues with luminous eyes in the abbey.
As mentioned earlier, these old statues belong to the previous members of Midnight Suns.

Statue No. 1-Elena Nikita

You will meet this statue when wandering around the abbey.
Leave the abbey through the training ground and move to the bridge intersection of the grotto.


Here, opposite the grotto, you will notice its statue with which you can interact and pay tribute.

Statue No. 2-Endra Moore

Players cannot find the statue of Andre Moore until they complete the task.
Alum test received a word of power.
This ability will help you cross a broken bridge in a cave near the altar.
By crossing the bridge, turn to the right side where you will notice the second statue.

Statue No. 3-Will Walker

This statue is in an eternally flowering meadow where you will see a wooden bridge.
After crossing this bridge, continue to move south.
On the left you will see a narrow path on which you can pass to find a niche with a statue.

Statue No. 4-Jeremiah Cain

To pay tribute to the last statue, you must unlock all four words of power.

After that, quickly go to the envy garden and face the greenhouse Lilith at the top of the hill.
Follow the path to the right leading under the bridge until you notice that the words devil’s lap appear.
Here you will stumble upon the last statue, which you must pay tribute.
You will also find a legendary chest with rare cosmetics and shaders.
But to open it, you will need 1 secret key.