How to recharge the GRP battery in the Callisto protocol

The gravity restriction projector, or GRP to abbreviate, is a very useful tool that will obtain quite soon in The Callisto Protocol.
It is useful for forcing enemies and throwing them, but also runs out of juice quite quickly.
Here is how to recharge the GRP battery in The Callisto Protocol.

Refilling the GRP in The Callisto Protocol

There are two main ways to recharge your GRP battery in The Callisto Protocol:
Letting naturally recharge over time
By using a GRP battery package
The first method is slower, of course.

Once the battery runs out, it will recharge naturally over time as you continue playing.
If you do not have hand spare batteries, you may want to use the GRP with a little more moderation, since the recharge rate can be quite slow when you just start.
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If you have a GRP battery, it will automatically run out once your GRP runs out.


You can also load it manually opening the inventory menu, selecting the battery and holding the triangular button for use.
GRP batteries can be found as objects collected in prison, although we have not yet seen them fall from enemy corpses.

GRP update

The good news is that you can also update your GRP in The Callisto protocol so that the battery lasts longer.
As long as you are at a reinforced station, consider the following updates to help it be more useful:
Speed update recharge-Small: 300 credits
Speed update recharge-medium: 900 credits
Speed update recharge-max.: 2,700 credits
Energy update-Small: 300 credits
Energy update-Medium: 900 credits
Energy update-Max.: 2700 credits
That is all you need to know about how to recharge the GRP battery in The Callisto Protocol.
Be sure to look for to get more tips and information about the game, including how to solve stuttering problems, what to do with energy converters and how to avoid attacks.
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