How to get through the test Note of Death in Bitlife

To complete the Bit life Death Note Challenge task is easy if you know how to achieve each goal.
Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the instructions below.

All goals in the test Death Note

To pass the test Death Note in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks:
Be born a man in Japan
Have 100% mind and appearance
Become a detective
Make a colleague an enemy, and then a friend
Murder of more than ten people

How to be born a man in Japan-Bitlife

The first goal of the test Death Note is to be born a man in Japan.
To do this, choose Japan as the place of birth and a man as your start gender when creating your initial character.

How to have a 100% mind and appearance in Bit life

The second part of the Death Note task is to get 100% of the characteristics Smart and appearance for the character.


In addition to choosing a Japanese man as his character, make sure that the character has good statistics on appearance and quick wits the parameters.
Everything above 90 is acceptable.
Support and improve both characteristics throughout your life, visiting the interior, gym, and the library during training at school/college.
In addition, use working more hard on the Actions tab from time to time to succeed in tests in the classroom.
Over time, both characteristics will gradually increase to 100%.

How to become a detective in Bit life

The third task in the test Death Note is to become a detective.
To do this, you will need to become a detective.
After school, submit an application to the university with a degree in Criminal Justice.
After release, try finding a vacancy called Junior Detective from a vacancies list or join any post in the police department.
This step will allow the game to display more vacancies related to the police control in future lists.
Find the work of the junior detective and hack the interview to complete the task.

How to turn a colleague from an enemy into a friend into Bit life

The penultimate task is to turn one of your colleagues from the enemy into a friend.
To do this, choose any person from your police circle.
Firstly, get closer, giving gifts, compliments and spending time with them.
As soon as the friends’ counter will become high, use the option to make friends to confirm your friendship.
In addition, click on his name on the Relation tab and change your status from Friend to Best Friend.
As soon as they become your best friends, change your status from a friend to the enemy using the same list of statuses.
After you change the quote about the relationship, you will see how your friendship counter will fall with them.
Restore and re-restore relationships using the same tactics, such as gifts, compliments and pleasant pastime.
Again, change the status from enemies to friends to successfully fulfill the quest.
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