Koa and The Five Pirates of Mara will be published in 2023, with physical edition of Tesura

Chi big has announced that Goa and The Five Pirates of Mara, the new Mara verso game, will be published in 2023 on PC and consoles. Tenure will be in charge of physical edition, which will be available for PlayStation and Switch.

At one point it was planned by 2022, so we are technically facing a tradition of the end of the year: the tactical movement the following year. To calm the wait, you can see the new game trailer, on these lines.


Goa and The Five Pirates of Mara is a Summer in Mara spin-off and Stories of Mara developed by Tampa Games, the young Barcelona study behind the great Mail Mole. It could almost be considered both spin-off of Mara and Mail Mole, in fact; The proposal revolves around the precision platform throughout a series of level In records of records.

In fact, Mail Mole 2 in many things has become GOA,

For the rest, Goa has been accumulating joys for a few months: his demo was well received at the June Steam Next Fest (also here: We wrote about it as part of our coverage of the Dem festival) and has been one of the highlights in several Recent events, such as indiedvday from the end of October.