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In the business card guide to The Devil in Me, you will find out:

  • Where you can find all Duet’s business cards
  • How you unlock the trophy Teufelsberg

The Dark-Pictures-Anthology goes into the next round with The Devil in Me. As usual, there are a lot of collectibles to collect. In this guide we tell you where you will find the Duet’s business cards.

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business card No. 1

Scene: cigarettes

After a heated conversation with Erin, Charlie goes in search of cigarettes. After you have left the room, winding corridors and other hotel rooms await you.

To get to the business card, you have to stay on the left and then turn right. Look for one gear on the left, at the end of which there is a chest of drawers. You can find the card behind the chest of drawers.

business card No. 2

Scene: blood pure

Jamie and Charlie start looking for Erin and Duet. After you have left the upper floor towards the first floor, the hotel’s lobby take a close look at.

On the floor you will find a fateful trace of blood that runs through the whole lobby. To the right in front of the stairs, which leads to the hotel rooms, there is a brown couch. At the foot of the couch you will find the business card.

business card No. 3

Scene: Spa

After you have left the pool area, Jamie and Mark are separated from Kate. Cross the sauna and hold on the left. Make sure not to jump over the fallen locker and look for a collapsed gear. The card is located on the floor, right in front of the rubble heap.

business card No. 4

Scene: cliffs

Charlie has survived the firetrap more or less and sets off on the way to the lighthouse. After you have left the cliffs behind you, you fall down a shaft and meet Mark, who is now accompanied by you.


Cross the metal fence towards the large building, which is the hardening system. In front of the building you will find a few trees. The fourth business card is under one of the trees.

business card No. 5

Scene: lighthouse

After you have left the basement of the lighthouse behind you, the stairs follow into the living area. In a corner of the room, next to a window, you will find a wooden chair. The fifth and last business card is below the chair.

Once you have found all the cards, you unlock the Teufelsberg trophy. The prerequisites for all further success can be found in our trophy guide to The Devil in Me.

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