Why does the funeral procession say sky and stone in Star Wars Andorra? Answered

Marva’s funeral was a scenario at the end of Ardor, full of emotion and conflict. A persistent question you can have is about the song of the funeral attendees and what it means, so here is everything you need to know about why the funeral courtship says sky and stone in Star Wars Ardor.

Why does Marva’s funeral procession say sky and stone in Star Wars Ardor?

Sky and Stone is a traditional funeral song in Ferris, which fits the bleak music and the slow pace. Although its meaning was not explicitly revealed in the program, the sky probably represents life and stone probably represents death; manifesting through the brick created from the ashes of Marva.

Ferris has undoubtedly developed strong traditions to honor those who preceded them and those who died fighting to preserve their resistant lifestyle.


As sad as his funeral was, he joined Ardor’s stories to form a natural conclusion: Debra Metro and Syria Earn came to capture Caspian, while Luther, tape and Del worked together to kill Caspian after his capture. Caspian eludes the ISB and confronts Luther with an offer to join the rebellion, and once again leaves Ferris aboard the Condor.

That is all we have in why Marva’s funeral procession says sky and stone in Star Wars Ardor. Check out some of our other Ardor contents, such as the cause of Marva’s death, this theory of Luther and who is Dave Sudden.

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