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Marvel Champions Announces Final X.


Rogue’s pre-built hero deck is themed around the Security aspect and comes with several new X-Men allies like Iceman who can freeze opponents and briefly stun them. Her Hero Deck also includes a modular encounter set that includes the Readers to any circumstance. The Readers all activate at the same time thanks to their shared Team effort trait, that makes handling them extra difficult when they trigger on the battleground.

In current months, Marvel Champions has concentrated on the X-Men, following the release of their Mutant Genesis growth. In overall, eight X-Men will be released for the video game– with Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, and Gambit joining Rogue as specific Hero Packs while Shadow cat and Colossus are consisted of in the Mutant Genesis expansion.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game in which players use a deck based around a particular hero and work with other heroes to beat super villains and thwart their plans. Each situation has different guidelines and situations, and players can pick to either utilize a pre-built Hero Deck or make a custom-made deck that utilizes a particular hero’s cards together with cards from among 4 distinct elements.

Rogue will join the ranks of the popular collective card game in February 2023, with a distinct power set constructed around obtaining the capabilities of those she touches. In addition, Rogue gains the traits of the character she has Touched, which adds further benefits to various cards that Rogue plays.

Rogue’s Hero Deck will be launched for Marvel Champions: The Card Game this November.