Chris Hemsworth already thinks about hanging the mjolnir and suggests that Thors next thing will be his goodbye

Chris Hemsworth is still Thor, one of the few original avengers who are still active in the UCM along with Hulk-although the emerald giant seems more dedicated to other issues-or Hawkeye, practically delivering his mantle to Kate Bishop after his series for Disney+. Now, the actor who h been playing the god of thunder for years seems determined to hang the Mjölnir definitely after one-more that probable-proud appearance in the Marvel cinematographic universe. This h been recognized by the Australian actor in a recent interview with Vanity Fair (via Screen Rant), ensuring that his superhero journey is already coming to an end.

The actor looking for new roads after Marvel Studios

And although Chris Hemsworth’s successful career h a lot to do with his recurring role in Marvel Studios, the actor believes that it is time to face new challenges, both personal and professional. So much so, that the question about whether Thor should have a conclusion such Iron Man or Captain America: Yes, of course. I feel that we would probably have to close the book if I did again, do you know what I mean? I feel that I probably justify it, says Hemsworth.


I feel that it would probably be the end, but that is not bed on anything that anyone h told me or any plan. You have this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero, and I don’t know, am I at that stage? Who knows? The actor continues.

At the moment there is nothing announced about Thor’s future in the UCM beyond the typical will return from the end of his lt film, a Thor: Love and Thunder that h not been precisely the best valued of the UCM in recent times. We will have to wait to see what Thor’s future is and if he participates in one of the next Avenger crossovers to put an end to its history. Everything seems to indicate that it will be.