[Photo] What is the identity of the first Sonic in G -Star 2022?


In G-Star 2022, you can participate in BEX CO’s first exhibition hall and the second exhibition hall. In particular, ‘G-Star X InBev, Playground’ (hereinafter referred to as’ G-Star Playground ‘) at the 2nd exhibition hall is exhibited about 5 m of extraordinary Sonic Balloons, attracting visitors’ attention.

In addition, the G-Star Playground has an arc zone and an Odyssey with a high-performance game environment. Each zone is prepared to experience the main titles that Sega is distributed through the ‘Samsung Odyssey Arc Screen’ and ‘Samsung Odyssey Neo G8’ monitor.

You can also enjoy the Sonic Frontier, which was released on Tuesday, November 8th, as well as the switch version of the Daemon Action Game ‘The Blade of Hirobumi Blood Dam’ based on the blade of the blade. There is. In addition, in the tory in the first exhibition hall, you can buy the PS5 and Switch version of Sonic Frontier title.