Healing restaurant found in G -Star, Quiz Genier

The game, which was also played for BIC2022, and Singapore developer ‘Battle brew Productions’, ‘Quiz Gender’, a cute restaurant operating game, played G-Star.

Quiz Gender is a management-action game that combines restaurant operations and log light action parts. The player runs in a situation where the inherited restaurant is in debt and just before the collapse. The way to pay off the debt is that you have to open the restaurant and run well.

So you need to play dungeons to get ingredients for running this restaurant. Instead, when you enter the dungeon and come back, it is impossible to operate the restaurant after the evening, so this timing is also adjusted by the player.

Dungeons are generated in a rogue-like type according to procedural production. The enemies are different from the enemies and the materials generated are different. And you can use it to keep the ingredients like this and to make food in the restaurant.

Again, the skill used by the player is set up as a frying pan or cut with a knife. And even though it was a cute graphic, it shows the skills that are powerful and hitting well, and the operation is also a very comfortable battle in the demonstration version.

The ingredients obtained through the dungeon play are used to operate the restaurant. Instead, the restaurant’s operation itself is lightly done with a light SNG game rather than a detail. There are not many ingredients required for cooking, and the dishes are made by the guests. So the player is finished! And NPCs who have finished eating cute meals are asked to calculate, so they are a common restaurant.

In this way, the player runs a battles and restaurants, and at the stable stage of operating, he will do his best to be a ‘Quiz Gender’ that can be received by the most owner and adventurer of the world’s best restaurant.

In addition, there are cute NPCs in the village, and the shops that sell the ingredients and upgrade materials needed for the restaurant operation may have different time and holidays. This is rather similar to the life-type RPGs.


Quiz Gender thinks that it’s a good game to heal because it’s cute with the village’s NPC. Perhaps some users are thinking about ‘cookie shop’ while watching this game. ‘Quiz Gender’ is currently being developed with the goal of launching in August 2023, and it is good to see that it will formally support Korean with more content and functions at the time of launch.

If you like a calm healing game and visited G-Star, there are games with healing categories on a line like Quiz Gender.