Twitter employees mention that the bankruptcy of the company could arrive soon


At this time, social networks can be considered chaos, especially the Twitter platform, which has reported many unemployed throughout these days. To that are added the demands that have been applied to the company, this after the rise of his new, businessman Elon Musk, who arrived to make great changes.

So many have been the complications, which has come to talk about the possible bankruptcy of the company, since there are so many demands, that users would leave the page to go to places like Mastodon. Even a journalist from The Verge mentions that he has talked with employees, and it is mentioned that the probability of going bankrupt is very high.

I heard of several employees that the chances of Twitter break in the near future are very high.

For now the situation in the network is not improving, since for now it will be charged to verify the accounts, something that could be counterproductive, since it lends itself to the impersonation of identity. This is something that happened to the very little time, making parody accounts suspended in the spot, including those that refer to the owner of the page.