I am Jesus Christ already has a release date

Throughout two years, the study known as Similar has been working on a simulator of Jesus in the first person. Now, many of the dream of turning the water into wine will finally come true, since the prologue of this title will arrive in just a couple of weeks, and a new gameplay shows us what we can do in this religious experience.

It will be on December 1 when I am Jesus Christ, simulation game in the first person developed using the Unreal Engine 5, is available in Steam. Unfortunately, this will not be the final version. Instead, Similar will present a prologue, with which he hopes to obtain additional information to make the final launch, which will be carried out in early 2023, manages to meet the public’s expectations.


By controlling Jesus, we can manipulate objects thanks to our divine powers, cure the sick and turn water into wine. In addition, it was revealed that more than 60 characters in the Bible will be present. We only have to wait and see how the public will react to this delivery and its activities. In related issues, we remind you that the Bible is now available on PC.