Webzen, G -Star 2022 B2B Exhibition Hall… Publishing business strengthening target

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Wezen (CEO Jae-young Kim) announced on the 10th that it will participate as a B2B booth at the G-Star 2022 event for three days from the 17th.

Through this event, Wezen plans to expand the global business of representative works ‘Mu’ and ‘R2’ intellectual property (IP) and provide opportunities to sour out excellent IPs in various genres and platforms.

This year, Wezen is focusing on developing new works and developing new works for future growth. In December last year, the company established a Unicorn TF, which will discover ventures and developers that may grow into a unicorn company, and is currently conducting a number of investment and publishing businesses.

In July, we signed a publishing contract with CRIMSONS, a global game developer, and this year, Ceremony developed a neglected role-type game (RPG) ‘Awaken Legends (IDLE RPG)’ The company plans to launch a region and expand the service area.

Wezen is developing several new works through its subsidiaries with the goal of launching next year. In Wezen Blue Lock, we are developing a large mobile MMORPG ‘Project M’ connecting the Mu IP genealogy using the Union Engine 5 with a large recruitment of manpower.

In Webzennova, we are rushing to develop animation-style mobile collection RPG ‘Project W’ that combines 2D and 3D. The company added that project W is being mentioned as a new IP with great acclaim and a great success in the internal development inspection process. ‘R2M’ developer Wezen Red Core is also preparing a new work.