LOL: A single winner named Pro42 who manages to take the 3rd day of the Golden Cup

The date number 3 of the golden cup had an incredible skill sample after what was lived last week things became very interesting to see which team would be the best of five of this day, a battle between pro42 against osaka that It would seek to demonstrate the improvements acquired in these months for both squads that are defining their new objectives.


In the first game the pros of the pros could show their skills from the beginning of the meeting taking a surprising selection of bite kaiser in the hands of Sander that would have control of its line, the situation gradually becomes the side of the side of They to make the swords fall before their fury thus consolidating the first map in their favor to get ahead in the series.

For the second meeting the situation would be full of action for both sides that were looking for casualties on each occasion that could to make minimum differences in the score with a Satan using a virus spectacularly, but everything would be defined in the battles of Team with the Miss Fortune de Antimony that would paste the bullets of the final to take the victory and tie the series.

The third game had a different temper because things were too calmed compared to the previous game, with fewer casualties on the scoreboard both squads began to show their best skills but the Aphelia de Satan would be the piece Key to advance in the match to be able to give the team of P42 that put it in the front.

During the fourth map both teams showed reactions in each team battle, but the pressure generated by Jean with his Diego was a very good strategy that allowed them to advance in each lane with an important advantage, intelligently playing the team of the team of P42 manages to position himself in the lead to be able to settle the match and take the series after very intense games.

Thanks to some very intense meetings we could see how both squads showed a great level of play on this day, the strength of P42 knew to excel to do a great job that gave them the pass to the next round, now it only remains to see The following dates to know how things are accommodating within the golden cup to define what teams will continue to progress.