WORLD OF WARCRAFT A ministory provider to look back on the adventure of the player character -start service on twitter

Blizzard Entertainment has started providing services that provide characters based on player’s past gameplay on the World of Warcraft Twitter account.

The use of the service will be completed only by tweeting the character’s name, area to which you belong, and server regions with #warcraftStory, @warcraft tags and men’s tags, and the character story will be sent in a reply to the tweet. The story reflects various achievements that are not limited to simple statistics and detailed reflections of characters, and you can get further stories by tweeting repeatedly. It is said that the service participant will be notified on Twitter when the next expansion content Dragonflies is released.

This project, which enhances the resolution to role-play, seems to be a particularly nice service in MMORPG, which has a strong attachment to characters. If you are playing this work, please look back on your adventure.

World of Warcraft is being distributed for Windows/Mac.