Exhibits in 13 new G -Star including Gravity and Ragnarok IP

Gravity has released a G-Star 2022 entry in Susan from November 17.

Gravity will set up a booth at the G-Star B2C exhibition hall this year and show 13 self-produced and publishing games. First, the island management simulation game forestopia, which is currently being serviced, will be exhibited on the puzzle action game Necrology: Pass Two Evil System released on Steam on October 31.

Subsequently, collectible RPG Hello hell, PC Action Game Shiva Knight, WITH CUPPA Wars and casual board game Ramon Marvel will display six gravity development titles.

In addition, Ragnarök’s first mobile Tycoon Game, Ragnarök, Action Adventure Game River Tales: River Tails: Stronger Together, and RPG new Alternate Shift will be presented.

In addition, Metro Bahia Game Twilight Monk and Ragnarök Experience with Gravity X The Sandbox will also be released. The five of the total titles presented by G-Star are indie games that have been discovered as a project gravity indie game conducted by Gravity Game Arise (GGA), a gravity Japanese branch.

Gravity operates a demonstration space for 11 games during G-Star. Choir Songbook, former director of Gravity Business Division, said, This year, G-Star will showcase the indie games that are supported by users with various genres developed inside Gravity. In order to support the indie game, such as the Gravity Indie Games project, we are also working on supporting the internal development title and indie game demonstration in G-Star to prepare users to experience various games. The Gravity Experience Booth, which will be met at G-Star, will be met at G-Star. I hope you look forward to it.