Portal 2 had not exposed all its keys

Deeper, better written and also much more enjoyable (and sneaky) than its older, Portal 2 had actually caused a sensation at the time of its launch in 2011. Constantly as effective today, the Valve game still hid some secrets.

He describes, for instance, that the personality of Doug Rattman-Un Aperture Employee that draws on the walls behind the Portal Examination rooms -must have made an appearance in this suite. Yet in order to keep atemporalside, to price estimate the developer-c, that is to state without reasonable human number that would age has been made a decision not to develop a design that would exist at stake. An anecdote to name a few, for that reason noticeable in the video clip above and also which especially recalls exactly how the globe of the Portal series draws its richness from its humor and its unreasonable change.

Accustomed to postmortem, Portal 2 had currently stood up a number of times, whether it is an inquiry of emphasizing referrals masterfully concealed or of stimulating content taken out upstream from the leave. This time, speech goes to Josh Hair, developer and project manager within Studio at the time.